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Tassels are the new entrant in the world of fashion jewellery. Previously only used for furnishing cloth like sofas, armchairs and curtains, tassels have made their way into the ever expanding universe of costume jewellery, and has taken this industry by storm. Moreover, tassels are now growing to become a simple yet fun way by which you can add a little poof to your outfits, and glam up your look entirely, with hardly any effort at all.

Tassels can be attached to any kind of costume jewelry and give your outfit an extra little bit of oomph. They are very easily attached to costume jewellery such as earrings, necklaces and other neck pieces, and bracelets as well, no longer are they just an added just to provide a flair to your furniture, they are a modern, new, innovative design. And with the way tassels have taken the fashion world by storm, they are sure to stay in vogue for a long time to come.

The return of tassels have signified the return of short, neat trimmings in fashion. Tassels were part of everyday fashion for women for a long time in the 70s and 80s, when bold, loud styles were the statements to look out for. The strength, sensuality, and charisma of a woman was directly proportional to the kind of tassels that wore, and how loud they were. Now, however, the times have changed. Tassels are not loud and obnoxious, they are simple, sweet, and neat. They are naturally magnetic, and can easily steal the show from what you are wearing. Nowadays, tassels are used to highlight the part of a body that a woman wants to show off, usually the neck or the hands. There are new designs for tassels being found every day and its time you jump on the bandwagon. © thegoldenbox.ie

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