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Chokers of all forms and colors seem to be reigning supreme in the kingdom of neck adornments. Having taken the world by storm, with the elegance that they lent to their wearers through their simple yet classy design, stalwarts of the fashion industry began sporting them routinely. They were available with every modification imaginable: from the usual leather straps available for the grunge-heads to pretty metallic ones for those who thought themselves to be a tad more sophisticated as well as costume jewelry pieces that added their own subtle mutations to the choker-evolution. So much so that today, you are blessed with a plethora of chokers to decide upon as statement fashion jewelry-like how you should wear your references-loud and proud.

But after reading all this, it would be still too soon to write off the minimalistic chokers completely. They sure do exist, but have given more space to their costume jewelry counterparts. More like a mash-up of layered chokers resembling a heavy necklace, or better still, chokers with pendants-from tasseled to bejeweled. Which are something like chokers, but not quite.  For example, 'The Callie Silver' necklace or 'The Raisa Silver Necklace', among others, available at The Golden Box ( The aforementioned costume jewelry pieces are the perfect hybridization of the chokers with evergreen necklace designs, adding more layers and complexity to today's conventional neck-pieces. Moreover, Necklace Charis  is what exists as the epitome of the layered choker-turned neck-piece, being as colorful and vibrant as you may want it to be.

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