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Pastel is the new trend of this season. The beautiful, simple and trendy single colors have taken over the market and have started to become a classic statement, which may never go out of vogue.

This trend of pastel colors is not only limited to clothes and accessories, like watches or earrings. Over the times, costume jewellery of various kinds have also started to adapt to this trend. The most popular kind of costume jewelry is hoop earrings, which have been in fashion for many years. Combine these two classic subtleties together and you have some understated, simple, stylish and elegant hoop earrings.

Fashion jewellery keeps changing on itself, almost every day. New trends and styles are introduced for women every other day, in a multitude of colors, sets and patterns. However, if there is one thing that a girl loves, it is the color pink.  This fun, fruity and extremely feminine color is something that resonates with every girl, whether she cares to admit it or not.

For this purpose, we have introduced a line of fun, quirky and feminine accessories for girls, all in the color of pastel pink. As a symbol of elegance, maturity, as well as being fun and flirty, timeless classic costume jewellery pieces such hoop earrings and fancy watches have gotten a fun pastel pink twist to them.

This season, do not hesitate to jump on this trend, showing off to the world the side that you usually keep hidden. Unleash the side of you that feels pretty in pink, showing off your inner princess once more. Paint the town pastel with these amazing fashion jewellery statements, which can work well both for work, as well as when you are ready to party and claim the night with your unseen feminine side.

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