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Somebody truly said that the truest measure of any work of art lies in its simplicity. Going by this logic, the watch collection of The Golden Box can truly be called an artist's most cherished and prized possession. Designed with the utmost precision and care, The Golden Box's time pieces exhibit sophistication of the most refined form. Available mostly in neutral tones such as soft pinks, whites and blacks, there is also a mint hued as well as several polished gold watches to add a dash of colour. Each time-piece has been designed keeping in mind its versatility to go along with any dress scheme, so that you would not have to restrict wearing it only on certain occasions. In fact, the glamour of the watches make them a fit accessory to be worn on most celebratory events such as parties and reunions as well as the finished look make them appropriate for formal events such as conferences and corporate dinners. Some time pieces such as 'Watch Black Valley', 'Watch Rainbow' and 'Watch Gold Mint' give off vibes of comfort combined with high-fashion ath-leisure. Sport them at any game to add a little bit of pop to your comfort clothing.

For those who like their accessories to be an extension of their personality as well as a reflection of their inner musings, there are statement time pieces available in the collection for just the same. If you wish to add a little art inspired aesthetics to your minimalistic dress, you can opt from among the 'Andarax Black ', the 'Butterfly White' or 'the Palm Black' time pieces. In fact, the diversity of the collection ensures that there is something for everyone's unique style preferences. Glamorous yet affordable, the watch collection from The Golden Box will surely be a treat for your eyes and a messiah for your pockets.

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