Why Buy Costume Jewellery

Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery was made to be a substitute for more finer pieces of jewellery that would only be worn several times ever and passed on to others as its value went up. Costume jewelry allows people to wear it every day without concern of it being damaged. Women have enjoyed having such a sizable collection of jewelry to expand their style and add it to other costume jewellery accessories. It got its name in part for its use in stage productions where they needed to be seen by the audience as real jewels. Other names for costume jewellery include trinkets, fashion jewellery and fake jewelry.

So Why Buy Costume Jewellery?

The phrase “costume jewellery” has been replaced by fashion jewellery since the 2000s. The reason people get it was just mentioned above. It is cheap and looks well anyway with any style worn. Jewellery in general is expensive and to keep it in pristine condition is difficult. Because people can only wear real jewellery on for a limited amount of time, it is not economically sufficient, unless you are expensive. There is cost expensive and then there is the mix and match it provides with anything that is worn. Costume jewellery can be produced in different colors and shapes worn around the neck or around the wrist. It will be produced to have a strong synthetic feel that people cannot recognize it as fake from a distance.

A Brief History

Costume jewellery has been around for 300 years, starting with inexpensive glass, and then semi-precious material. Jewels of semi-precious material were affordable for people to own costume jewellery. It was in the 20th century that costume jewellery became in chic with the help of industrialization and the demand for such attire that was affordable in all classes. In Hollywood, costume designers relied heavily on this to fit onto beautiful actresses and notable designers like Coco Chanel produced their own to expand their market.

What Is The Most Popular Costume Jewellery?

Necklaces and bracelets are the most popular type to buy. The head of necklaces are made to be cut and polished like a diamond and sewn up with other non-jewelry pieces next to them; the bracelets are made to curve, criss-cross, and have parallel lines with tiny sparkles in between and be used as layers along the arms. Hoop earrings are another major piece of costume jewelry produced in both gold and silver. Metallic medallions are also flattened like a coin and molded up to be a reflective shape.

As its own market, costume jewelry is a successful enterprise around the world. Even the more wealthy buy it because the pieces they make might as well be jewelry and blends in with their dresses. Plus, they are made in a more top quality where it is expensive anyway, but not in the high karats that requires six or seven figures to spend. Costume jewellery is a very worthy piece of attire to have for any occasion.

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Costume Jewellery

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